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A Level Results Day 2019

Amazing results from this years cohort of A Level students

Picture above:  Ana Clara Paco on left achieved x3 merits for BTEC Health & Social Care, and Prusha Ahmed on (right) also studied BTEC Health & Social Care and achieved x2 distinctions and a merit.

Prusha is going to study Child Nursing at City University. She said she cant wait to tell ger dad the great news!

Head of Sixth Form Mr Bailey said, 'Prusha is one of the most hardworking students I have ever met, she is motivated and extremely competent. Prusha has developed her exceptional work ethic through her studies and externally through her commitments to the arts, she has also completed Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award. Prusha has all of the qualities and skills needed to be an excellent caring professional. She has delivered First Aid training to the visiting Year 5 students from local primary feeder schools, she has supported after school programmes, she regularly translates for people in our community and has a vocational activity log which is commendable.' 

Prusha has completed her Duke of Edinburgh Gold award, which she had to complete wild camping, residential mentoring with children with disabilities and volunteering with the cadets. All Gold Award Duke of Edinburgh award winners will be invited to a Gold Award Presentation (GAP), attended by a Member of The Royal Family.


 Evita Remy-Benn achieved ABB. A in Fine Art, B in English Literature, B in Textiles. She is studying an Art and Design diploma at Central St Martins and will specialise in Fashion. She said, 'I am so happy to study Fashion at Central St Martins, I have always wanted to do this.' She has always loved fashion since visiting Vogue for the day. She will be sad to leave the school behind.  She is going to celebrate with her friends today. 


Lorline Monteiro (left) achieved a C in Economics.  Keriese Meade (right) achieved a C in English Literature and an A in her extended project. She will study Media at Bath University.  

School Captain Precious Antwi. She got ABB. A in Mathematics, B in Physics and B in Chemistry. She will go on to study Chemical Engineering. She believes in women in STEM. 


 Sinmisola Kusimo - B in History and A in Psychology.


Prusha Ahmed on left and Clara Oluchukwu Ojiako on right. 

Clara studied BTEC Business and IT and achieved x3 distinctions. She will now study Business Management at Surrey University. She is going to get back onto her sport career now her exams are over and return to Paralympic swimming and wheelchair basketball. 

She has 12 medals to show her Paralympic success. 

Head of Sixth Form Mr Bailey said, 'It is patently obvious from Clara's results that she has a massive amount of drive to challenger herself. Clara is intelligent, considerate, is an effective communicator and has a huge amount of ambition to succeed in life.'

Headteacher, Ms McDonald.

'I am so proud of the young people and their achievements today and every day. Not only have they succeeded academically but they are confident young people with a drive to improve our world. I couldn't be happier.'

Assistant Head, Mr Earnshaw. 

'I am really delighted and inspired by the achievements and resilience of the year group. I have no doubt that they will all succeed in life. Their academic qualifications will open many doors for them, but what will take them further along in their journeys in life is their positive attitudes. This has truly been a wonderful year group.'