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Our Lady's Catholic
High School

For Parents


Our Lady’s High School is a place for learning.   We achieve this by maintaining high expectations of the individual, appreciating that we are all members of a diverse community, living our Catholic faith and embracing the values of our Servite founders:

● Compassion
● Service
● Community
● Openness/Respect for Diversity
● Holistic Approach
● Marian Identity
● Universality
● Evangelisation

Underlying Principle

We are each unique individuals, created in the image of God and relationships are formed through mutual respect between all members of our community.

Our aim is to be proactive in promoting good behaviour, reminding students of our expectations and celebrating all the successes in school.  Students should be very clear as to the consequences of choosing to behave inappropriately and these consequences will be applied fairly and consistently.

Our guiding expectations are that students are to be peaceful, polite and punctual at all times.

Rewards and Achievements

In order to reward excellent behaviour, attitude, and work, students will be rewarded using achievement points recorded electronically on the school system.

Achievement points will be rewarded for excellent work and attitude in lessons, and can also be awarded for excellent attitude and contributions to the school community outside of lessons. 

Students work towards particular awards which are received when they achieve a fixed number of achievement points.  By receiving these rewards students will also be contributing towards their form class total.
These awards start with text messages home from Form Tutors and Heads of Year before moving onto letters from one of the Assistant Head Teachers, the Deputy Head Teacher and finally the Head Teacher.  For those receiving the most achievement points, there will be special lunches with the Head Teacher and then one of school Governors.  In addition to this there will be opportunities for students to take part in events which are organised to reward and recognise excellence.

To read our full Behaviour Policy please click here

Categories of Inappropriate Behaviour and Consequences