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Bowlby Psychotherapy Trip

Year 12 HSC students visited the Bowlby Centre as part of their course, in particular the unit on Psychology.

The Bowlby Centre offers training and education counselling and psychotherapy to anyone who wishes to learn more, train as a psychotherapist or chooses to have therapy.

The students met two psychotherapists who introduced them to the application of Bowbly theories on loss, attachment and development through discussion and examples of case studies.

Brief History of the Centre

The origins of The Bowlby Centre go back to 1976 when an organisation was formed based on the work of Karen Horney and named after her: the Karen Horney Association of Psychoanalytic Counsellors. Many influences have contributed to the development of The Bowlby Centre. Our organisation has changed, until recently we were called C.A.P.P. the Centre for Attachment based Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, and we continue to develop but some themes have been present consistently. From the outset the organisation has been located within the psychoanalytic tradition whilst remaining committed to a critical freedom in relation to it.

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