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Our Lady's Catholic
High School

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Careers Carousel

We want you to come into the school and tell our students about your career.

Interested in helping educate our students on the wonderful world of jobs out there? We want to give the girls a broad and realistic insight into the plethora of jobs that are out there, and you could help by giving just 2 hrs of your time a year!

Whether you own your own business, work full time caring for a family member, are a stay at home mum/dad, work abroad,  work in the city, work in banking, work in blogging, just started working, or just coming to the end of your working life we want to hear from you!

We are asking all parents/carers, staff, the alumni , agencies and organisations we are already working with if they would be available for one or more time slots over the  next year.

Each carousel takes place on a Thursday morning from 9am to 11am of the weeks below. They last for 20 minutes, which you would repeat to the 4 form groups for that year. All we ask you to prepare a few responses and take part in the ‘guess my profession’ activity, where the students have to guess from your response what you do.

If you are available please email or complete the following short form;                                                               



YR10 Week A-03/05/18


YR 9 Week A- 17/05/18


YR 8 Week B- 14/06/18


YR 7 Week B- 28/06/18



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