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Sixth Form Iceland Trip

Sixth formers had a great time in Iceland

Report by Croydon Santos Rodrigues 12P

What did I enjoy about the trip to Iceland? There were so many aspects of the trip that I really enjoyed and could go on about for ages (Read the blog for that) but space is limited so I'll keep it short. The best bit about the trip was the last day- the visit to the Blue Lagoon. This really ended the trip in a fitting way that allowed us to relax and just take some time to reflect on our trip. We then went into the capital city - Reykjavik, and as someone who loves to explore I was in my element. We went from the church to the Harper (Harbour in Icelandic) within the hour that we got allocated and even had time to get a few souvenirs and a bite to eat from one of the local Icelandic bakeries. Making our way through the different districts of Reykjavik, you really get to absorb the culture and vibe of the area, and the fact that the city is so small and the locals so very friendly it made it all the more special. I would recommend a trip to Iceland anyday.


Report by Cheriese Francois 12J

Iceland has a variety of beautiful landscapes that are always talked about, but what we rarely ever hear about is the Icelandic folklore. The Icelandic people are very superstitious and many of these ancient folktales and superstitions are alive and well today and this is what I enjoyed the most about Iceland. Magnus our tour guide told us many tales about supernatural beings and how they came to be in Iceland, one of which being the story about the troll in the mountain.

There was once a female troll that lived in a mountain. This troll was very lonely having lived alone for many years. All she wanted was a companion. So when one day a young man wandered across her cave she thought it was fate and that the gods had sent him to keep her company. But the man didn't feel the same way so she tied him up. As the years went by the troll began to trust him and so she relaxed her rope. So one night whilst the troll was sleeping the man broke free and ran. He ran as fast as his legs could carry him. A few moments later the troll woke up to find “her” man gone. She looked out the cave to see the man running in the distance. Realising that she couldn't reach him she let out a ear piercing scream and began to throw rocks. She missed and he got away.  These rocks are now tourist attractions in Iceland.


Report by Sydnella Lake 12P

To say that Iceland was amazing would be an understatement; the multitude of waterfalls, wonderful geographical landscapes and the remarkable and highly acclaimed blue lagoon made it definitely worth the money! Despite being British, the cold weather still hit like a brick, but the sights were worth it;

It’s not everyday you get to ‘touch’ a rainbow on the top of a mountain after all.

I have to say, the Blue Lagoon had to be the most luxurious (yet one of the smelliest) stage of our journey. The waters were warm and luscious (but the sulphur STANK!) and the complimentary mineral mud face masks left us all with skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom, but our pampered moods were slightly spoilt by the outrageous prices at the gift shop outside; I almost appreciated the £2 ‘expensive’ chocolate we moan about in the UK after being slammed with £60 (8100 IKS)  for a brick of soap! The pinnacle of our experience had to be standing on the bridge between the Eurasian plate and the North American Plate; a beautiful and exclusive sight to behold! All in all, it was a lovely trip with our friends, and the warm and charismatic community Iceland presented us with, would definitely incite a second visit from me!

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