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Visit from Sr. Stella Ruth Mary O.S.M

We were privileged to welcome Sr. Stella Ruth Mary O.S.M. for the last two weeks. Originally from Myanmar (Burma) Sr Stella now works in Perth Australia where she teaches PhysicsPsychology and Religious Education as well as being a counsellor

Report by Laura Albuquerque, Abbie Sibayan, Naomi Menezes, Myliesha

Last week, we met Sister Stella who told us a bit about her life. She came from Myanmar and was an admirable lady who wanted to share her knowledge instead of putting it to waste. Sister Stella told us her tale of being part of the lucky few girls who received an education and went on to study physics. We learnt that in Myanmar, young ladies either had to marry and give up everything to their husband or become a nun.

Sister Stella did not want to be nun at first but told us she had no regrets as she was helping younger generations using the precious education that she had.


Having heard this inspiring story, it reminds us that everyone has something to give and we should use the gifts God gave us.