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Globe Theatre Visit

Theatre visit trip to the Globe

Last term,  Year 7 went to the Globe Theatre. Firstly, we were shown around some famous London landmarks; we also saw an English ship that stole Spanish goods. We had lunch in front of The Tate Modern. After that we went to the Globe to see a rehearsal fight scene. We were allowed to ask any questions we wanted to and found out about Shakespeare's time. We found out that the Globe theatre was the only thatched roof permitted in London. Afterwards, we were taken to do a workshop and we enacted the scene where Demetrius and Helena were arguing. Then we talked about A Midsummer Night's Dream and we were taught a few Shakespearean words. We had a lovely day and especially enjoyed our ice creams in the sun!


By Stephanie Nana-Sakyi, Feza Kanyimbo and Kayshanay Smith