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Our Lady's Catholic
High School

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Monday 11th November school open as usual

The school is open as usual at 8.40am on Monday 11th November

You may have heard from your daughter that the Fire Brigade attended the school on Friday afternoon.  You will be pleased to know that there was not a fire, or any other serious issue, at the school.  The London Fire and Rescue services attended the school and evacuated it at 3.00pm as a precautionary measure. 

We appreciate the high level of care and caution exhibited by the London Fire Brigade in ensuring that there was absolutely no risk to life or health.  

We are deeply appreciative of the support and concern shown by our neighbours on Amhurst Park and Stamford Hill.

We are pleased to be able report that there was simply a power unit failure in our Server room which affected our wifi, internet and phone lines.  We are now working to restore all those services for Monday morning when school will be open as usual! 

We expect wifi and internet to be restored over the weekend but phone lines may take a couple of hours to restore on Monday morning.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.