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Our Lady's Catholic
High School

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Staff Update

Dear All,

Thank you for your support on Wednesday in dismissing the students in a calm and safe manner - this is very much appreciated.

Below is an overview of arrangements for the next two school days. You will also receive text messages and emails from our centralised system summarising these arrangements. I will continue to keep you updated on progress via the school email system.

Arrangements for Friday 28th February

Staff to attend briefing at 8.35am

Lessons 2 to 6 will be taught to Year 10, 11, & 13. Year 12 attending Careers/University fair. Students will start at 9.45am.

There will be no facilities to print or photocopy.  It is most likely that there will not be any WiFi and therefore there will not be access to Gdrive and no ability to project work on boards

Please use today to plan from home to teach without access to the school network on Friday.

Arrangements for Monday 2nd March

Staff to attend briefing at 8.35am

Lessons 2 to 6 will be taught to all year groups. Students will start at 9.45am.

Every effort will be made to restore WiFi by the time school resumes on Monday.  However, at this time there are no guarantees.

Please use your planning time today and on Monday to plan to teach without access to the school network on Monday.

If you have WiFi at home, or use free WiFi in a retail establishment you should be able to access all your teaching materials from our Gdrive and thus be able to plan ‘old school’ chalk and talk lessons.  Please be prepared to teach from the board without printed materials.

RM are working diligently to restore WiFi, printing and photocopying but this will take time to reset and test. 

Reminder: Year 7 Parents Evening will be next Thursday, 5th March.

The school server was attacked by a piece of ransomware that has locked us out of the server. We are therefore locked out of Windows, SIMS and all other data stored on our server. As the server is locked it also prevents the system from being able to distribute WiFi and access to all other services such as G:drive, printing and photocopying. RM now intend to wipe and restore our server. As our teaching materials are stored in the cloud in G:drive, this data is not locked down by the ransomware, however, we cannot access it in school without our WiFi. This is a very visceral reminder not to open any emails or attachments that seem in anyway unreliable, unknown or somewhat dodgy!

I will continue to keep you updated.

Many thanks

Ms Justine McDonald