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Love Yourself - Love Your Books Poetry Competition

Celebrating Valentine's Day with Love Yourself - Love Your Books Poetry Competition.

Our Winner, Anamika - ‘Relatable storyline that resonates with young people with a deeper meaning.'


The sun was shining, No one was whining.

People giggled and laughed. I sat down onto the bench.

Children were happy and drenched As they shot water out of their guns.

Meanwhile, I texted my special one. Yet he never would say to me

“I love you hun” or “ I like your dress”

I feel as if we are a mess. We could never work it out.

He will always shout but this time I text the treacherous guy, “Goodbye” with relief and a sigh.


Our runner-up, Chidera - 'Beautiful words on a page'


My playful books, you inspire me to write.

How I love the way you slither and feed,

Invading my mind day and through the night,

Always dreaming about the goofy creed.

Let me compare you to a library?

You are more gorgeous, nocturnal and light.

Ice bites the debris of February.


Ms Ahmadzai, English Department (not pictured) 


Romeo and Juliet, Layla and Majnun? They have nothing on you

No kiss or embrace is sweeter 

Than the time you give to Yourself, 

A balm for your blistered soul, a good book during a storm. 

Cupid and Valentine, two saints who knew True Love, 

loved themselves then shared this with others.

So, love yourself first, then love others after.. 


Ms Walker, Head of Drama - 'A nice message about loving yourself.' 

Love yourself, 

You'r .. are beautiful, 

you're energy lights up the room, 

why doubt yourself when you're exceptional. 

I love you, 

we love you. 

It's time for you to 'love yourself'.


The competition was created by Ms Eka, our Reading Room Manager.