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Trip to Clare College, Cambridge University

Year 10 students visited Clare College, Cambridge University

Report by Ms Cooke

Five Year 10 students went on a residential trip to Clare College, Cambridge University.  Firstly, we were given our keys for our rooms in the university halls so that we could experience life as students.  Then we had an introduction to the university, the variety of courses and how to apply. 

Afterwards we were taken on a tour and shown a library that has 8.5 million books, including first editions and rare copies.  We were introduced to student traditions and social life.  During the evening we took part in a quiz, which we won, beating all the other students from Hackney!

The next day we had a lecture with an academic from the Classics Department of the university and learnt about the history and languages of Ancient Rome and Greece.  On the way to the museum of Archaeology we saw the city and the other colleges.  In the museum that had replicas of ancient artefacts, including a statue of Hercules.  Then, unfortunately, we had to leave after have such a great time in Cambridge.