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Y13 Community Service - CARITAS ‘Ambassadors’ Pilot Scheme

Sixth formers community service has expanded

At Our Lady’s, Sixth Form Religious Education involves the exploration of the Christian belief that faith cannot and does not exist, without implementation of the Gospel. The RE Department has therefore been developing a dynamic approach that offers Community Service underpinned by Servite Values as an integral part of the programme.

Our Lady’s has formally teamed up with CARITAS to help promote and develop their new ‘ambassadors’ scheme. CARITAS launched the project in September 2017 and with the support of Our Lady’s is seeing what aspects will lend itself to a broader roll-out in the parishes of Westminster Diocese, in particular working with young people. Amongst a number of scheduled workshops,  in December the students will also be visiting St Francis de Sales to meet Fr Hector Gutierrez to learn more about involving parishioners in social action project

Our Lady’s RE Servite Community Service (SCS) has expanded and includes:-

Y13 Community Service students baking cupcakes for Hackney Winter Night Shelter and the Catholic Worker Night shelter in the OLCHS teaching kitchen.

Community Service - Flower Arranging Workshop with Morrison's PLC

For the third year running, the provision of flowers and training for our Sixth Form teams from Stamford Hill Morrisons plc. This enables students to go into care homes and sheltered accommodation across Hackney and Haringey, working with residents to create lovely floral arrangements. The school now has 20 trained students who continue to build on the RE Department’s mission to nurture creative and compassionate intergenerational relationships.. The school now has 20 students trained up and the scheme has grown from two sheltered accommodations to six. This project forms part of the RE department’s general plan to place our sixth formers in settings that help create creative and compassionate relationships between younger and older people.


Sonia Mendes is the ex-member of Morrison’s staff who has kindly given her time to train the girls in a number of key florist skills.

Danai, Morrison's Stamford Hill Community Champion, bringing flowers for training at Our Lady's High School.


T3 Ping Pong Foundation - Table tennis in-the-round, training and workshop

In our efforts to become one of the first dementia friendly schools in Hackney, the SCS programme also involves working with the T3 Ping Pong Foundation to introduce our students to the physical and social benefits of playing table tennis in-the-round. Originally introduced as a new competitive sport at the 2012 paralympics, T3 has also invested time and energy to demonstrate the health benefits that this game can bring to people living with early-onset dementia. Remarkable effects can be experienced if this game is played regularly. The combination of eye and hand movements as well as the type of social interaction promoted by the game can have huge benefits. During October a team of 8 students were trained to be able to facilitate 50 minute sessions in care homes. 

Students begin their training at OLCHS. Most of this is carried out using a smaller table.



Community Service students participating in their first session at St Anne's Care Home in Finsbury Park. They met a total of 8 students during this first fun and successful session. Even the quietest residents engaged and took part in the various games linked to the T3 method.

Universal Board Games - Games training and facilitation

Universal Board Games is a Hackney based educational charity that use games and play to help bring communities together as well find ways to create discussions and tackle social issues. OLCHS is in partnership with the charity to bring about new game sessions that our Community Service students can deliver to children in our local primary schools. The students are being taught how to instruct and facilitate through a variety of means. This will also form part of Community Service’s aim to develop meaningful approaches to intergenerational activity, in this case between children and young people.