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Our Lady's Catholic
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Young Carers Awareness Day

Thursday, 25th January

Young Carers 

Young Carers are  young people aged 5 – 18 who help to care for someone in their family (e.g. a parent, grandparent, sibling) who may have a  physical or mental illness, disability, or substance/alcohol misuse issue.
Young carers may give:
•    practical help (cooking, cleaning and shopping) 
•    physical support (helping a parent up the stairs, dressing, washing, translating at doctor’s appointments)
•    help looking after other siblings ( pick up to and from school, help with homework)

Hackney Young Carers Project (HYC)

Support young carers in a number of ways, for instance, through advice and advocacy (e.g. with school-related issues), emotional support (e.g. through counselling or our schools-based support groups), short breaks and fun activities & trips. 

Hackney Young Carers Project offers young people the chance to
•    Meet other young people in similar circumstances and make new friends
•    Get support with being a young carer (e.g. understanding the cared-for’s condition)
•    Take regular breaks from caring and to have fun!
•    Get support with school or college, or learn a new skill (e.g. join our Cooking Group) 

They aim to offer young carers and their families a tailor-made service, for example, helping them with any school/college transitions and planning for the future; supporting them in understanding the condition of the person they care for and looking at the needs of the whole family (e.g. referring them for housing or benefits advice).  

For more information, please ring HYC on 020 7254 5554 or 07764253677 or contact them via email: 

At Our Lady’s please contact Miss Dacosta on 0208 800 2158  for young carers’ support and information.