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Sixth Former's Day Spent At Vogue

Year 12 student Evita had an eye-opening experience at Vogue headquarters, helping her choose her degree course

Evita  Remy-Benn 12J

On the 25th of January I was privileged enough to gain an insight into the Vogue house in Mayfair with the organisation My big career.

I was joined by other Year 12/13 students from around London and we had a guided tour of the Vogue floor with Mark Russell. We briefly spoke to some of the other workers from other magazines like GQ, Glamour, Vanity Fair and many more of the Conde Nast family.

We had enlightening conversations with the team at Vogue and there was such a great variation of roles, showing that there is so much to do in the fashion industry. You can pursue so many careers in Vogue like being a personal assistant like Deborah Ababio, working in finance, catering and many more. I got the chance speak with many of the journalists and stylists including Katy Berrington, which was really beneficial to me as I am still torn between doing a journalism degree or a fashion design degree.

Mark Russell told us that we should keep applying for any opportunities that arise, as we have nothing to lose.

Mark Russell got his role at GQ by applying to every magazine in his local WHSmith. This is very inspiring to me so I will definitely be applying as an intern when I turn 18 later this year. Many thanks to Mr Earnshaw and Miss Sowden for helping me to get this experience.