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Pilgrimage to Aylesford

Y10 students completed their pilgrimage 

Report by Laura Abuquerque and Myliesha Coutinho Year 10M

On Friday 4th of May, some year 10 students had the privilege to go on a journey of faith to Aylesford Priory.  We began the journey with a very confusing start (we may have got lost) but overall it was a unique experience. The first thing we did was have a welcome talk about the history behind the Priory. Then we had a Mass at 12 o'clock, which was rather short but peaceful; we also took everyone’s Prayer Intentions with us from OLC.

 We were pleased to be readers at the Priory Parish Mass and take up the gifts at the offertory.

We had lunch in a very nice outdoor area and after that we walked to a place called 'The Rosary Way' where we prayed the rosary , reflecting on different parts of Our Lord’s Life and  Mary’s important role.

The last activity we did included us being absolutely quiet (which wasn’t easy) as we walked through a beautiful garden where, on the ground the word ‘peace’ was written in different languages.

It was a prayerful, peaceful day.

To conclude we would like to thank: Sister Dominic Savio, the R.E department and the teachers who accompanied us along this journey of faith. A big thank you to Miss McDonald for making this pilgrimage possible.