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Our Lady's Catholic
High School

Our School

The Great Our Lady's Bake Off

The girls participated in a Cooking Competition

By Mary Lucy

The cooking competition was so much fun! At home we all cooked something sweet for the judges including cupcakes, cakes, biscuits and cookies, I cooked cakepops. When the judges tasted the food they thought they were all very good and told us that we could all be winners. 

The winner was Aishah, Abena came second and I came third. 

Aishah won a £10 voucher and I won a teddy bear. 

The contestants were Aishah, Mary Lucy, Abena, Serwah and Courtney.

I am excited to do another Bake Off soon!

Thank you to the judges Ms Sowden and Ms Gosia and Ms Abbey for setting everything up.