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Visit from Bishop Hudson

On Thursday 11th February, Bishop Hudson from the Diocese of Westminster set time aside to pay Our Lady’s Convent High School a visit and to celebrate our Whole School Mass on the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes.  

The readings of the day drew our attention to Mary as trusting the Lord by answering his call to Service as Mother of His Church. The Wedding Feast at Cana was Christ’s first miracle and we heard that it was his Mother who sanctioned the beginning of his public ministry. Our Bidding Prayers reminded us of our responsibility to answer God’s call to Serve as we also thanked God for those Servite Fathers who founded the Servite Community to which we belong.

Bishop Hudson’s Sermon reminded us of the Lourdes story and how ‘faith in God’s power to heal’ still draws people from all over the world to go there on pilgrimage and that trust in God meant accepting whatever form the healing would have.

After Mass, the Head Girl, Vice Prefects and Young Servite Leaders in Years 10 -13 were selected to represent the School Community and share lunch with Bishop Hudson and the School Governors. At this point we were able to give him a much better understanding of the school’s Servite Values and from my own perspective, I was able to provide him with a better understanding of how the Sixth Form carry out acts of Servite Community Service in our CORE RE sessions.

A special thank you to Bishop Hudson for taking time out of his busy schedule to visit the school and thank you to the R.E. Department for arranging the Liturgy.

Susan Omope

Year 13

Bishop Hudson pictured with altar servers at St Ignatius church
Bishop Hudson pictured with OLCHS altar servers at St Ignatius church