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Inspiring ex OLCHS Student Chloe Cupid

Ex-OLCHS student Ms Cupid came into school today to let us know what she had been up to since leaving.

Chloe was a student at Stoke Newington Sixth form but always had a strong desire to study Classics. She was delighted to find a place at Our Lady’s Convent Hackney to study Classical Civilisation, as Our Lady’s was the only school in Hackney at that time to offer this unique course.

Chloe stated that the best part of her lessons would undeniably have to be Mr Farrell’s amazing stories, and knowing that she was learning a lot in an environment that was always fun.

After studying with us, Chloe applied to study Classics at St Andrews, Scotland (whose notable alumni boast Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William) and thoroughly enjoyed her brilliant course with inspiring lecturers. Chloe graduated in 2013, and decided to take two years away from the city she fell in love with.

Chloe lived in London and then Hong Kong for a year teaching English. She is thankful for all of the opportunities that have come her way through her education.

Chloe then moved back to Scotland and started working for the university she studied at, in their Admissions department. She said, “Before leaving school I had never travelled anywhere, now travel is an essential part of my job.” Ms Cupid has recently travelled to Brazil and numerous states of the US including: California, New England, Rhode Island, Vermont, Massachusetts, Georgia and Tennessee.

Chloe travels the world sharing her love of education and informing students from around the globe about what it’s like to study at St Andrews. We are immensely proud of Chloe and she proves that education can literally take you anywhere!