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Apprenticeship or Uni?

Ex-OLCHS student Sofia Pereira talks to us about her route into Apprenticeships

Ms Pereira faced a tough decision when leaving OLCHS. Whether to go down the exam-based university route, or the unfamiliar Apprenticeship one. Sofia knew she wanted to enter the world of work instantly, but wanted to test the theory that to do so it is essential to have a university education. 

Sofia decided to start her Apprenticeship and has never looked back since!

She said, "I always knew university was an option, but I saw it as the safe one. I wanted to take a risk and I am really happy I did, as it has really paid off.'

Sofia is currently completing her Apprenticeship as a Digital Marketing Officer at a renowned Fostering Agency. Sofia said it is a really exciting company to work for, but it hasn’t been easy. 

Sofia can remember writing her first tweet for the company and realising that her predecessor had left without noting down any of the social media passwords. Sofia then had to create an entire social media platform for the company from scratch. 

Sofia has been thrown into the world of work, and is getting hands on experience, which wouldn’t be the case if she was in her first year at university.
Sofia credits OLCHS for preparing her for Digital Marketing Apprenticeship. She would like to thank Mr Urwin in IT for all of his support, and Classics teacher Mr Farell for instilling in her a love of Classics. 
Sofia plans to complete her Level 4 Apprenticeship with Escalla Apprenticeship. More information can be found here.


Sofia with favourite Classics teacher Mr Farell from OLCHS.