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Donmar Workshop - Saint Joan

Donmar Warehouse workshop on Saint Joan

Wednesday, 8th February, the Drama department were delighted to welcome Jordana Golbourn from the Donmar Warehouse to come and deliver a workshop on Saint Joan.

Jordana inspired the students by focusing on themes of the play which included:

-genius and saintliness

-mental superiority causing animosity

-visions and visionary method

-gender and gender dressing

-feminism and a man's life

-youthful immaturity and educational ignorance

-science versus religion

The girls, through acting, interpreted the different themes and gained a deeper undertsanding of the play, which they were due to go and see the very next day.  


Comments from the students: 

Tyra-Faith Malcom Herbert: “I loved the workshop which was creative and helped me understand the play”.

Emmanuella Osuala: “Innovative, creative and inspiring”.

Jemima Matuba: “Exciting, helpful, motivating”.

Mary K: “Thought-provoking”, “Informative”, “Fun”