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London Youth Athletics Games 

The girls competed in the London Youth Athletics Games at the Copperbox Arena

Year 7 and 8 girls Indoor Athletics

On Wednesday 22nd February 2017, both Year 7 and Year 8 represented Hackney girls in the Indoor Athletics Youth Games Qualifier. We competed at the world famous Copperbox Arena at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Stadium, against 8 other boroughs around North East London.

Report by Rachael O-O, Year 8

“Prior to that we won all of the competitions in Hackney, we displayed outstanding effort and skill which gave us confidence to perform in the upcoming competitions. I personally enjoyed my experience throughout the athletics competitions as did my team mates. It was amazing to see various abilities and expertise within all of the track and field events. Our last performance, track relay, was quite difficult due to all the great competitors, despite this we performed to the best of our capabilities and made sure our team’s confidence never wavered.

We supported our team and the year 7s, even if we didn’t win, and it gave us the encouragement to persevere and triumph! I discovered many talents of my fellow teammates and was astounded to see how well they performed under pressure. During all of the tournaments I’ve learnt that winner or loser, you should always aspire to be better than the last time!

It was a great honour to represent the Our Ladys and Hackney girls. We are proud of our achievements and will be looking forward to more events in the future”

We ended the day having reached 4th position out of 8 teams, this was quite an achievement as there was a close finish of 20-30 points between the top 4 teams. Although it wasn’t enough to get through to the next stage at Crystal Palace, we are still massively proud of taking part in this experience.

Ms Gill