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Junior Reporters at the Guardian Newspaper for a day

OLCHS students were junior reporters at the Guardian for a day

Year 8s, and three Year 9s visited the Guardian newspaper for a day in the life of a journalist. The students arrived at the plush Kings Cross headquarters and were shown the journalist floor, which buzzed with energy.

The girls then learnt all the different job roles it takes to create a newspaper as iconic as the Guardian including;









The girls then were set an exercise where they had to determine the 5 W's of each top story in the Guardian that day. 

Who What Why When Where


After that the girls were set the task of creating their very own newspaper, where they had to decipher which stories would grab peoples attention to make sure their newspaper could compete with all the others on the market.

The Guardian commented on how the girls did not choose tabloid style articles, however much preferred to choose political, geographical and high-brow articles, which made us very proud!