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Our Lady's Catholic
High School

Our School

Community Lunch

This term Our Lady’ Convent High School, Hackney was visited by 35 older residents from across the local community

They came to enjoy the school’s annual Spring Community Lunch, kindly put on by the school’s catering staff and RE team and hosted by the entire Year 12 sixth form class. Visitors included a local Haringey care-home, Peregrine House and Friends of Woodberry Downs, which is a popular social group for the over 50’s in North Hackney.


The ties made with both of these organisations is as a result of Our Lady’s Community Service programme, which places all of the sixth form students in community engagement placements across a variety of local groups and causes. The students make a two hour visit to each project once a week over a total of 14 academic weeks. The engagement work with older people has been particularly successful and so the Spring Lunch is a way to celebrate the shared joy and stories that have emerged out of this essential intergenerational project.


Tracey Boothe, the co-chair of Friends of Woodberry Downs – said, ‘This occasion means so much to our members. The simple act of sitting down to eat with young people of this age is so important and is unfortunately something we see very little of. Our Lady’s is a very hospitable school that takes its mission very seriously indeed. We are grateful for this’.