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Our Lady's Catholic
High School

Our School

Governing Body

All Governors may be contacted via the school, please phone (0208 800 2158) or email ( Mrs Julia McAuley, Headteacher’s PA and she will forward your enquiry.

Any communication for the chair of Governors, Mrs Karen Sims, should be addressed to her via the school.

Term of office for every foundation governor shall terminate on 31st August following the third anniversary of the date of appointment.  All other governors term of office is four years.


  Appointment date Governor type Name End of Term Any Registered Business/ Fiduciary Interest
1 Oct-2014 Chair: Foundation Mrs Ann Marie Charles 31st Aug 2020 None
2 Oct-2015 Vice chair: Foundation Mr Andrew Carrick 31st Aug 2019 None
3 Oct-2015 Foundation Fr Bill Bowder 31st Aug 2019 None
4 Oct-2015 Foundation Mr Martin McEnery 31st Aug 2019 None
5 Feb-2015 Foundation Mr Robert Rigby 31st Aug 2018 None
6 Oct-2017 Foundation Mrs Beccy Mackinney 31st Aug 2021 None
7 Mar-2018 Foundation Mrs Jacqueline Callcut 31st Aug 2021 None
8   Foundation VACANCY    
9   Foundation VACANCY    
10   Foundation VACANCY    
1 Oct-2017 Parent Mrs Michelle Safo Sep-2021 None
2 Oct-2017 Parent Mr Joseph Kapu Sep-2021 None
1 Jan-2016 Headteacher Ms Justine McDonald   None
1 Oct-2015 LA Governor Mr Leonard Benn Oct-2019 None
1 Feb-2018 Staff Mr Patrick Shine Feb-2022 None
1 Nov-2015 Co-opted Ms Lorna Rhoden Nov-2019 None
2 Nov-2015 Co-opted Ms Christine Burnikell Nov-2019 None
3   Co-opted VACANCY    


Governors that are no longer on the governing body but served at some point in the last 12 months:

Name Resignation date
Mrs Karen Sims Aug-2018
Ms Dauphne Routledge Aug-2018
Ms Marie Julien June-2018
Mr Graeme Thornton Oct-2017
Mrs Audrey Duffy Sep-2017


There are four Governors committees:

Committee Chair Remit
Ethos, Teaching and Learning Mr Andrew Carrick

Catholic life,  Teaching & Learning, Assessment & Curriculum, Behaviour & Attendance, CP & Safeguarding and SEND/Inclusion.

Finance & Premises Mr Robert Rigby Finances and premises issues
Pay & Personnel Mrs Ann-Marie Charles Pay, staffing and professional development
Policy Review Mr Martin McEnery School Policy documentation and statutory guidance