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Servite Leaders

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What does it mean to be a Young Servite Leader?

Servite Leaders at OLCHS

In Service and Compassion

Our Servite Leaders began as Liturgy Prefects which five years ago evolved into our present Young Servite Leaders.  This evolution coincided with the beginning of a new phase in our School’s history…’the opening of the latest new building’ in 2012. 

On reflection I would encourage our Young Servite Leaders to be faithful to the Servite Values of our school.  I would hope the Young Servite Leaders would guide others to be attentive to faith, to nurture their own spiritual development, to lead by example and model social responsibility.

In practical terms our Young Servite Leaders make every effort to be exemplary students of our ordinary school life and studies.  They are cheerful and first to offer their help as new initiatives take place.

Our Young Servite Leaders show creativity in leading prayers in class and share prayer for our school community and our world. They encourage their peers to participate fully in all liturgical celebrations, taking a lead in helping the RE team with planning and organisation of both weekly Year Masses and Whole School Masses at St. Ignatius Church. They are expected to meet with me, (Sr. Dominic) regularly to bring and discuss ideas about developing the spiritual life of our school community; choosing specific occasions in the Church Calendar to encourage the students to lead in prayer, such as preparing for Christmas in Advent, Lenten Stations of the Cross, Praying the Rosary, Praying for our deceased members in November. Finally, they are expected to encourage students to engage fully in all charitable activities.


Sr Dominic Savio OSM