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Our Lady's Catholic
High School

For Parents

Parent Letters

Copies of letters sent home to parents are available on this page:

October Update for Families (published 16th October 2020)

Black History Month Booklet (published 9th October 2020)

Year 8 HPV Vaccinations (published 5th October 2020)

School Fund 2020: Sixth Form (published 1st October 2020)

School Fund 2020: Year 7-11 (published 1st October 2020)

Year 7 Information Evening (published 30th September 2020)

Letter about Covid-19 Symptoms from Public Health England (published 23rd September 2020)

Face Coverings Parent Letter (published 17th September 2020)

September 2020 Opening details (published 4th September 2020)

Updates and September Opening 2020 (published 25th August 2020)

UPDATED: Arrangements for GCSE Results Day (published 18th August 2020)

Year 10 Summer Catch Up Focus (published 16th July 2020)

Year 10 Summer Catch Up Letter (published 16th July 2020)

Self Care Summer Pack (published 16th July 2020)

Arrangements for GCSE Results Day (published 6th July 2020)

Arrangements for A Level Results Day (published July 2020)

Letter to Year 12 Parents (published 26th June 2020)

Black Lives Matter: Parent Guide (published 22nd June) - resource from Yoopies

Year 10 Parent Letter: Return to School - follow-up (published 19th June 2020)

Videos for Year 10: Return to school: CLICK HERE (published 18th June 2020)

Year 10 Parent Letter: Return to School June 2020 (published 15th June 2020)

Year 8 Parent Letter: Autumn 2020 (published 15th June 2020)

Parent Letter: Sad news (published 15th June 2020)

Communication re: Hackney Safer Schools App (published 24th April 2020)

Communication re: extended FSM eligibility (published 23rd April 2020)

New Timetable: Summer Term 2020 (starts 20th April 2020)

Parent Update Start of Summer Term 2020 (published 20th April 2020)

Remote Learning Booklet - support for families (published 3rd April 2020)

Ofqual Letter: Year 11 and 13 Exam Results (published 3rd April 2020)

Parent Update Easter 2020 (published 3rd April 2020)

FSM, Google Classroom and Examinations Update (published 23rd March 2020)

Free School Meals Update (published 22nd March 2020)

Key Workers Letter (published 20th March 2020)

Home Study Guide (published 19th March 2020)

Keeping Fit Letter (published 19th March 2020)

Coronavirus: Update from School to All Years (published 19th March 2020)

Coronavirus: Update from School to Year 11 (published 19th March 2020)

Coronavirus: Update from School (published 18th March 2020)

Coronavirus: Update from School (published 17th March 2020)

Coronavirus: Update from Hackney (published 17th March 2020)

Talent Show (published 11th March 2020)

NCFE IT Coursework Component (published 5th March 2020)

IT Network Update (published 4th March 2020)

Year 8 GCSE Options Evening (published 3rd March 2020)

Year 9 Spoken Language (published 28th February 2020)

Update: Coronavirus (published 28th February 2020)

Year 7 Parents Evening (published 13th February 2020)

Year 9 Vaccination Consent Form (published 10th February 2020)

Year 8 Parents Evening (published 11th January 2020)

Year 11 Parents Evening (published 16th January 2020)

Year 10 Parents Evening (published 10th January 2020)

Year 12 Certificate Evening (published 11th November 2019)

Christmas Hamper (published 8th November 2019)

Year 13 Parents Evening (published 8th November 2019)

Sixth Form Information Evening (published 8th November 2019)

Achievement Award Event (published 11th October 2019)

Year 11 Parent's Evening (published 7th October 2019)

Year 7 Parent Information Evening (published 24th September 2019)

HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) Vaccine (published September 2019)

Study Prep Permission Letters (published 11th September 2019)

Important Dates for the Year (published 11th September 2019)

Summer Term Letter (published August 2019)

Staying Safe Over the Summer Holidays (published 18th July)

Anna Freud Mental Wellbeing (published 16th July)

Summer Holidays Sports Club Safety (published 15th July)

Sports Day (published 19th June)

Year 9 Exams (published 14th June)

Year 10 Exams (published 14th June)

Hackney Choral (published April 2019)

Social Media & Internet Safety For Parents Information Evening (published 30th April 2019)

Year 11 Public Examinations Summer 2019 (published 25th April)

Hackney Choral Taster Session (published 24th April)

Year 11 Maths Exam (Published 5th April)

Mobile Phones (published 5th April)

Social Media - Expert Guidance from HLT (published 3rd April)

Year 10 Parents Evening (published 15th March 2019)

Choir Performance at St Paul's Cathedral (published 1st March 2019)

Year 7 Parents Evening (published 1st March 2019)

Worth Less? School Funding Update (published March 2019)

Year 9 Immunisations (published February 2019)

Science Intervention Year 11 (published 26th February 2019)

Internet Safety Day (published 5th February 2019)

Year 11 Maths Practice Papers (published 31st January)

Social Media, Internet Use, Safety and Sharing of Materials (published 25th January 2019)

Year 8 Options Information Talk and Parents Evening (published 17th January 2019)

GCSE Exam Preparation (published 14th January 2019)

New School Choir (published 7th January 2019)

Year 11 Mock Examinations Information (published 9th November 2018)

Christmas Hamper Appeal (published 16th October 2018)

Year 12 Certificate Evening (published 16th October 2018)

Study Prep (published 1st October 2018)

Year 11 Parents Evening (published 27th September 2018)

Year 7 Information Evening (published 21st September 2018)

Pupil Premium (published 19th September 2018)

Year 6 Open Evening (published 13th September 2018)

Year 8 & 9 Helpers for Year 6 Open Evening (published 11th September 2018)

Important Information (published 18th July 2018)

Sports Day (published 19th June 2018)

Important Dates (published 15th June 2018)

Year 11 Maths Revision (published 23rd May 2018)

Year 11 Exams Letter (published 9th May 2018)

Year 7 Parent's Evening (published 30th April 2018)

Year 8 Options Evening (published 29th March 2018)

Year 7 Bushcraft Trip (published 16th March 2018)

PTA Meeting (published 23rd February 2018)

International Women's Day, Literacy Competition and Non Uniform Day (published 21st February 2018)

Charity Walk to Westminster Cathedral (published 21st February 2018)

Progress 8, GCSE Studies and Behaviour & Safety Outside of School (published 6th February 2018)

Year 9 Information Evening (published 2nd February 2018)

Parent's Meeting: How We Learn? (published 29th January 2018)

Year 11 GCSE Exam Preparation Evening (published 22nd January 2018)

Year 8 Parents Evening (published 15th December 2017)

Arrangements for Last Week of Term (published 8th December 2017)

Parent Meeting: Mental Wellbeing (published 29th November 2017)

Year 9 Parents Evening (published 30th November 2017)

Sixth Form Open Evening (published 19th October 2017)

Own Clothes Day (published 19th October 2017)

Christmas Hampers (published 17th October 2017)

New Optional Additions to the Uniform (published 13th October 2017)

Year 12 Certificate Evening (published 6th October 2017)

Parent Engagement Event - Social Media (published 25th September 2017)

Year 7 Parent Information Evening (published 21st September 2017)

Headteacher letter to parents including school event dates (published 12th September 2017)

Parent Governor Election 2017, Parent Governor Nomination, NGA Guidelines (published 11th September 2017)