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Pupil Premium


What is Pupil Premium in 2021 at OLCHS?

The government has allocated our school a sum of money which is called the ‘Pupil Premium Grant’. This is to improve the educational chances of students who may find circumstances outside school challenging due to financial hardship or other issues. 

The three identified groups are; students who are entitled to free school meals (or have been anytime in the last 6 years, known as ‘Ever 6’), students who have a parent working for the Armed Services and those children in Local Authority Care.

Pupil Premium students are a diverse range of ages, backgrounds, abilities and needs but disadvantage does not hinder potential.

Our approach to Pupil Premium:

  1. We offer and implement a range of strategies which we believe supports the academic and personal development of our Pupil Premium students.

  2. Monitor, evaluate and intervene.

Through this period of Covid, there have been many barriers to student progress and we expect that some students will have larger gaps to close as they head through the 2020-2021 academic year and into 2021-2022. We intend to use the PPG creatively, in addition to other government funding for our Recovery Curriculum to support our students.

Please also note that there is a gap in the data available due to two successive years with Covid related exam disruption. There are no national average figures for the 2020 exam cohort so we use 2019 as a benchmark.

The Pupil Premium grant allocation for our school over at least the last three years is shown in the table below:

Financial Year

Grant allocation to OLCHS

2018-2019 £295,240
2019-2020 £296,254
2020-2021 £313,405
2021-2022 £282,146


Pupil Premium strategy statement