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Join Our Alumni

This year marks the 120th anniversary of our school, a significant milestone that we wish to celebrate with every single one of you. The rich heritage of Our Lady's in providing excellent education and fostering personal development will continue, guided by our Catholic and Servite Values. As we undergo a rebranding, we will be known as All Saints Catholic High School, starting in the Summer of 2024, reflecting our decision to welcome both boys and girls.

We kindly ask all our former students/staff to share their stories with us through text, images, or video, to speak about the impact of Our Lady's on their lives and careers. Again, we want to celebrate you and your blessings since leaving our school. If you like to be added to the database, please fill in the Google form.

We can’t wait to connect with you again.


Mr. A. English, Headteacher & Sister Dominic Savio, Chaplain