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School Blazer  

This is worn throughout the school day and to and from school, except when the Headteacher makes an exception in exceptionally hot weather.

School Uniform Skirt: knee length, or

School Unform Trousers

School blouse: which is blue and white.  In very cold weather a plain white short sleeved T-shirt can be worn under the blouse.

School cardigan or V-necked pullover (optional).

Socks or Tights

  • Plain navy blue or black tights

  • Below the knee black or white socks

  • White ankle socks

Only one pair of socks to be worn. Tights and socks may not be worn together. No leg warmers.


Plain black, and flat-heeled shoes should be worn.  They may be in a slip on, bar or lace-up style.  They should be leather or leather ‘look’ in material. See images below.

The following are NOT acceptable: 

Kicker boots, ankle boots, sling-backs, high-heels, peep-toes, heavy industrial-type or knee-high boots, trainers, material and canvas shoes, coloured or patterned stitching, glitter, diamantes, metal buckles, decorative bows, highly coloured laces, etc.

No hoodies anywhere on the school site and no hats in the building are permitted.

Headscarf: For those students who wish to wear a headscarf to maintain their modesty as part of their religious observance, we will have available to wear a black scarf with our school logo embroidered.  This will be available via the school at the price of £6.50 using parentpay.  The headscarf must only be worn as shown here and is available for purchase via parentpay and the school office. 

School bags: Bags must be large enough to carry an A4 folder without bending the corners – approx. 40cm by 30cm Bags must be robust and sensible (small handbags, shoulder bags and belt bags are not acceptable and must not be brought into school).

Make-up, nail polish and false nails are not permitted.

PE Kit

  • PE short sleeved t-shirt with school logo OR rugby-shirt with logo

  • Navy blue shorts/school skort (skirt with shorts sewn in) or navy jogging bottoms

  • Navy blue socks (ankle or football)

  • Trainers (not canvas)

  • School Rugby style shirt 

  • School Sports Hoodie 

Hairstyles and Ornaments

  • Hair should be neat and tidy

  • Hair should be your own natural colour

  • Hairstyles should be simple and not over-ornate

  • Shaved hairstyles are not acceptable

  • Hair bobbles and clips should be black, simple and not over-ornate

  • Hair ornaments should not be worn at all

  • Hair bands should be plain black and less than 6cm wide


Only the following jewellery is acceptable for school wear:
  • A plain wrist watch

  • Single stud – one in the lobe of each ear no larger than 6mm diameter

The following items are therefore not acceptable and will be confiscated under school procedures:
  • Nose or facial studs of any description, earrings other than studs, rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.