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Our Lady's Catholic
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Black Lives Matter

Take the Knee: photos by staff, T Kinston and T Vaza

We are sharing with you our response, as an institution, to the Black Lives Matter campaign and protests.  We support the #BLM movement as individuals: many staff act as participants, allies and supporters of the movement in a myriad of different ways in their personal lives.  But as an institution we have a huge responsibility to show through actions that we are part of change and to not simply pay lip service to the current series of protests.

A school is an institution, we are part of, and linked to, the wider institutions of the UK, that inevitably have aspects of systematic racism and inequality embedded in them. 

We are also a public institution that must follow the statutory guidance and curriculum courses provided by exam boards.  This creates some limitation to the latitude we have for change with regard to the national curriculum, GCSE and A Level course content. 

None of this prevent us from making changes, from growing as an institution and from learning so that we can do better.  This is a journey that we are committed to and that we have already begun.

Today is not the day to tell you about what we have already done - as it simply is not enough and right now is not the time.  But we will post this later as part of an on-going 'conversation' as we continue on this journey.

We, as an institution, represent the concept of 'learning' and we know that learning only happens by taking risks, making mistakes, practising and improving.  We will continue to make mistakes and to fail - but also to learn, grow and improve.

Your support, patience and feedback are appreciated.  We are listening.

In the meantime, please do all keep safe and keep well.

Headteacher response to student feedback (published 04.06.2020)


#BLM History (published 05.06.2020)                      George Floyd: A moment for change (published 08.06.2020)