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Congolese Servite Sisters Visit

Two Servite Sisters from the Congo came to visit us at school for the day.  From L to R Sr. Sifa O.S.M, Sr. Marie des anges O.S.M and Sr. Dominic Savio O.S.M


Report by Kelly Tahienda 9J

On Tuesday 11th July 2017, during break Sr. Dominic Savio introduced me to two other sisters  from the Congo, called Sr. Sifa O.S.M.and Sr. Marie des anges O.S.M..   I spoke to them in French and Lingala and we had a picture taken by Miss O’Regan.

I felt joyful because I have never met Sisters before who were from my own country.  I was also happy to see them because they were kind and I was able to connect with them.

I am pleased that they came to our school and I fully respect them as well.  They are like family from my own country.

I hope that they have a safe journey back to Paris and they continue to enjoy their studies before returning to the Congo.

Report by Angely Castro 10P

Yesterday 11/07/17 I met the Servite Sisters who were visiting from the Congo.   I was able to use what I  have  learnt of French in our school so I could communicate with them.

I hope they enjoyed their visit because it reflected our Servite Values.

It was a great experience to have them visit our school.