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Safe and Sound: Merry Christmas

Safe and Sound: Merry Christmas to you all!  Christmas Card artwork created by on is the very talented Year 13 Katie McCaughey.

We had an unusual end to our Autumn term!

At 10.08am on Thursday 19th December the Fire Alarm was sounded and we evacuated the building in our usual way, onto the playground.  The alarm was sounded in response to a Heat Exchange (HE) unit on the roof of the building failing; overheating and causing a small fire.  The power to the HE unit was isolated and the fire went out immediately. The fire was wholly contained within the HE unit on the roof of the school. London Fire Brigade (LFB) attended the scene.

Meanwhile students were moved from the playground into the Sports Hall whilst LFB assessed the damaged HE unit and the potential health and safety implications of the damage.  The assessment process took some time so whilst that happened the school carried on with our day and attended our planned end of term Mass at St Ignatius. Unfortunately, due to the Fire Evacuation we were unable to provide any food service to students. There has been no damage to the school building and no harm to any person.

Over the Christmas holiday the HE unit and associated services will be assessed. The cause of the fire is being thoroughly investigated by both our FM contractor and Hackney.  We anticipate that school will open as planned on 6th January 2020.

Our students, your children, behaved impeccably throughout these events and are to be highly commended.

Wishing you all a very merry and safe Christmas and a joyful New Year.