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Choir Singing at the House of Commons

Students sang at Diane Abbott's Christmas Party at the House of Commons

Diane Abbott and the House of Opportunities

We were finally there. Our days of vigorous and intense rehearsals had all led to this: the chance to perform at the House of Commons in front of Diane Abbott and her distinguished audience. We were ready (-ish). We embarked on the last leg of our nerve wracking journey accompanied and motivated by our Deputy Headteacher, Mr Feely. As we walked into the House of Commons, assessing the space, meeting the coordinators, we were all suddenly aware of how real this was. Then she walked in. All smiles and completely welcoming, Diane Abbott came up us, greeting us and easily struck a conversation with us all. Maybe this wouldn’t be all that bad.  Before we knew it, we received an influx of guests flowing in, all looking intimidatingly authoritative in their own respects. But as we were acquainted with the guests, we became wiser and all the more motivated to do our best, knowing we had a blanket of support to fall back on. After a brief introduction by Diane Abbott, we were called upon to perform. As we shakily strolled to ‘stage’, surreptitiously whispering last minutes details to remember, all eyes were expectantly trained on us, waiting for us to deliver a spectacular show. But we were a woman down - a certain someone was in the toilet. It was now up Mr Feely to keep our eager audience occupied in the meantime. And just when I thought there couldn’t be anymore he could say to pass the time, in walked our certain someone. I think it’s safe to say our collective sigh of relief was audible. And therefore we begun: acting and singing our hearts in hopes that our guests were enjoying our harmonies. At the end of our performance we were treated to a roar of applause and cheers and with a quick speech of appreciation and respective bows, we melted into the crowd. Phew! We did it! But the evening did not end there. Amongst the crowd, we were received with a convergence of praise and accolade, our audience congratulating us, asking us questions and even inviting us to perform again! After all had calmed, we were treated to a moving and motivational poem by Hackney poet, Amelia Grant. The rest of the evening, before our departure, was filled with repeated compliments and the chance to talk to some of the most inspirational women in Hackney.

What an evening!

We would once again like to thank Diane Abbott for her gracious invitation and this wonderful opportunity as well as Mr Feely (our deputy head teacher) for informing, supporting and accompanying us through the entire endeavour.

Thank you.

Ameerah Amushan 11P


The students who were selected to sing were:


Ameerah Amushan

Ada Lyn Lamptey

Nkemdilim Anisiobi

Angel Gzowski

Brooke Bolcho

Mical Bile

Rosie Matondo

Theresa Britto

Kristina Sufaj

Cindy Odikasigbue

Shania Charles

Elisha Eseigbe