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High School

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Hackney Shed Workshop

We had workshops on 'revenge' and 'narrative structure'

The Hackney based Youth Theatre group are looking for 11-16 years olds to join up.  Hackney Shed is a performing arts group for young people. Hackney Shed works hard to provide an exciting, vibrant, creative and accepting place for children and young people to come together, share ideas and produce exciting theatre.

Year 7 had a workshop on the theme of 'Revenge'. 

Stephanie  Year 7

"In today’s lesson I enjoyed Hackney Shed coming down to visit us and explaining what they do.  It really inspired me and I loved it when we explored physical moves with the chair and got to perform it."

Year 9 focused on 'narrative structure' during their workshop.

Julia Yr 9

"This workshop was really fun!  We got to interact withone another and learn so many things such as: freeze frames and being attentive.  The teacher was really nice.  I would like them to come back again."