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Guest speaker - UCL Professor of Science Education Michael Reiss

Guest speaker - UCL Professor of Science Education Michael Reiss.

Year 12 were fortunate to have a guest speaker from UCL - Professor Michael Reiss in school on Wednesday 11th January.  In giving his lecture he hoped to encourage students to ‘think’ about an issue – perhaps an issue which was not necessarily part of the A Levels they currently study. His lecture focused upon the issue of whether it could be possible to make people live for much, much longer than they do currently, and if so how. Michael also sought students to consider much deeper issues such as whether we should, and what the consequences might be for people, families and the wider society.  His lecture moved from biology and the practicalities into the issues relating to ethics and morality.  All students must be prepared for the certainty that in attending university they will be presented with situations and topics which move them away from obvious comfort zones.


6th Form Careers Carousel – Report by Mr Bailey

Over the course of a six week period we invited in different professionals from a wide variety of career backgrounds.  Year 12 students were offered the opportunity to listen to 1 speaker each week during the period.  Each guest spoke about their particular career, what a typical day might look like and what they were meant to do in their job role.  Guests also touched upon how students could enter that career either though an apprenticeship or university based education.  The careers were varied and included: Transportation, Marketing, HR and Recruitment, Law/Legal, Construction & Engineering, Publishing & Journalism, Civil Service, ICT and business services, Podiatric Medicine, a Consultant Histopathologist, Media and a Surveyor, a Paediatric Registrar from Homerton Hospital and the President of Pearson Education. All typically spoke for up to 30-40 minutes on their area and then answered questions.  Overall feedback from students has been very positive and all have welcomed the opportunity to listen to a range of career pathways that they might not have necessarily considered.  We are asking all of our Year 12 students to begin the process of narrowing the range of choices they need to make after 6th Form.  For many it may be a university based education; for many it might be onto an apprenticeship programme.  We are very grateful for the advice and guidance of our 16 speakers and hope that their talks the last of which is towards the end of January, have given our Year 12 plenty to think about.