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Year 10 Pilgrimage to Aylesford

Year 10, sixth formers and staff embarked upon a Pilgrimage to Aylesford in Kent.

Report by Sydnella Lake 12P

On Friday 5th May 2017, Year tens, sixth formers and Staff went on a pilgrimage to the historically rich Aylesford Priory in Aylesford, Kent. It was a good way to ease a bit of the tension from upcoming exams, and find quiet time with God in the midst of a busy lifetime in which we sometimes forget Him. The friars gave us all a warm welcome, and filled us in on the history of Aylesford, particularly it's popularity, being midway between London and Canterbury, which is still a popular Pilgrimage destination today. Whilst we may not have exactly walked miles on foot, we pilgrims certainly came a long way! However the fresh air and beautiful scenery was certainly worth it.

 After attending a Mass in which some of our students took up the offerings of our petitions, we then went down Rosary Way, rosaries in hand.

We celebrated the diversity of our school by including a decade of the Rosary in Spanish, Albanian, Portuguese and English.

We ended our Pilgrimage at the gift shop, where we ate our lunches and got some charming souvenirs to keep. Overall, it was a beautiful day, with hymns throughout the journey, and wonderful weather to match! 

Report written by Amanda

After we left the pilgrimage I felt really changed. It was a calm place where I relaxed my mind. I am not Catholic but it was a really good experience for me. We prayed the rosary, which is something I have never done before.

We would like to say a big thank you to all who made this prayerful day possible!