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Our Lady's Catholic
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Film Club Review

Report written by Favour Osaruwense 10H

Every Monday lunchtime, we watch a film in a language that is not English. It could be any language, as long as it is a language which girls at Our Lady’s speak at home or with their families.

In Year 8, I remember ‘Bombon el Perro’, which is a film in Spanish and which is set in Argentina.

Sometimes there are many girls watching, like when we had a Yoruba film ‘Ebelebe’ or a Portuguese or a Polish film, sometimes only a few.

At the moment we are watching ‘Tintin y Los Picaros’. It is a cartoon, so you can choose the language. It is originally a French cartoon, but we are watching it in Spanish. We always have English subtitles, so we can follow the meaning.

I enjoy hearing all the different languages that people speak at home.