Statutory Notice


Proposal for a prescribed alteration to Our Lady's Catholic High School

Notice is given in accordance with Section 19(3) of the Education and Inspections Act 2006 (as amended by the Education Act 2011) and the School Organisation (Prescribed Alterations to Maintained Schools) (England) Regulations 2013 that Our Lady’s Catholic High School for Girls Governing Body, with the support of the Diocese of Westminster and Hackney Education Authority, intends to make a prescribed alteration to the school. 

The proposed alteration is to change the school from a single-sex Catholic girls’ school to a co-educational Catholic School, by changing its Year 7 intake, from 1st September 2024.

There are 2 proposed prescribed alterations:

  1. Change of gender composition

  2. Consequential changes to the admissions arrangements.

In addition, governors are considering a change of school name. 

This Notice is an extract from the complete proposal which can be viewed here.

Procedure for making representations (objections and comments)

Within four weeks from the date of publication of this statutory notice, any person may object to or make comments on the proposal by email or by post.

Closing date for responses is 5pm, Friday 7th July 2023

By email:

By post: Our Lady's Catholic High School

6-16 Amhurst Park, 

London, N16 5AF 


We will not be able to consider any responses received after 5pm Friday 7th July 2023.

A report considering all responses received during the representation period will be published on the Our Lady’s Catholic High School Website and Hackney Council website in July 2023. 

The publication date for this notice is 9th June 2023. It has been published on the school website, school noticeboards, and externally at all entrances to the school. It will also been published in the local newspaper. Copies have been sent to the Diocese of Westminster, Hackney Council and the DFE.


Andrew Carrick


Chair of Governors

Our Lady’s Catholic High School

9th June 2023