Embracing Inclusivity and Excellence: Welcoming Boys in 2024

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Our Lady's Catholic High School is on the cusp of a groundbreaking transformation. We are delighted to announce that starting from September 2024, we will be opening our doors to Year 7 boys. By adopting a co-educational model, we are extending the same high quality education and personal development experiences that our girls currently enjoy. 

This strategic move aims to enrich the academic journey for all students, regardless of faith or background, and better prepare them for life's complexities.

Why Co-Educational in 2024?

The decision to transition from a girls-only school to a co-educational school is a result of extensive consultations with our diocese, governors, the local authority, staff, parents, and members of our community. It was driven by a commitment to providing the best possible education and personal development opportunities for all our students, regardless of their gender. Here are some compelling reasons behind this move:

  • To broaden the scope of the school’s rich diversity, underpinned by our Catholic and Servite values

  • Secure the school’s long-term role as a beacon of education within our local community;

  • Adapt to the evolving landscape of local and national education to meet the local community needs;

  • Ensure  existing pupils and their families have continued access to extended services and facilities, while welcoming  boys to a high-quality Catholic education.

  • To sustain the school’s improvement journey towards “Outstanding.”

Will boys be admitted to all year groups from the beginning? 

Boys will be welcomed into Year 7 initially. Full gender integration across all year groups will be phased in over a five-year period. During this time, our existing female students will remain in girls-only classes up to Year 11. It will take five years for all year groups to become mixed. All girls presently in the school will continue to be taught in girls only classes through to year 11. 

What will it mean for my daughter to be part of a co-educational school?

In practical terms, little will change day-to-day. Our commitment to catering to the unique needs of each student remains central to our educational philosophy.

Keep in mind that our feeder primary schools are co-educational. The long-term impact will be a more diverse student body, a broader curriculum, and a continual attraction of top-tier teaching talent. In Year 7, while classes will generally be mixed-gender, some subjects like Physical Education and certain PSHE modules will be taught in single-sex groups.

Admissions 2024-2025

We warmly welcome students from all faiths as well as those with no faith affiliation. You don't have to be a Hackney resident to apply to join our educating community. 

Committed to academic excellence, Our Lady's Catholic High School is your gateway to nurturing the leaders of tomorrow, rooted in faith.  Apply now.